RevolutionConf '19

June 6-7, 2019
Wyndham Oceanfront
Virginia Beach, VA

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RevolutionConf is a two-day, platform and language agnostic software development conference.

You're pretty special if you're slinging code.

So many developers silo themselves based off the technology they use. At RevolutionConf, we believe in uniting software developers of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, cultures, and more. We want to learn from the experiences of others in a fun and safe environment!

You are personally invited to join us for 2-days of learning and fun in the sun, at the beautiful north end of Virginia Beach, VA.


Early Bird — $149

November 30 - Dec 31

Wave 1 — $199

January 1 - Mar 31

Wave 2 — $299

April 1 - Jun 08

Luau - Significant Other — $30

January 1 - Jun 05

Included with your ticket:

  • Two full days of the conference
  • Four concurrent talks featuring 50 speakers
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks each day
  • Beach Luau on Thursday night (food & drinks included)
  • Happy Hour on Friday night (food & drinks included)
  • Sweet swag
  • Discounted hotel rooms immediately on the Oceanfront
  • Sponsor swag
  • Bragging rights that you kicked off the summer by attending a great conference at the beach!


Keynote Speaker

Kesha Williams

Software Engineer : Speaker : Professor

Kesha Williams is an award-winning software engineer and speaker. She is the Founder of Colors of STEM and the inventor of SAM (a predictive policing machine learning algorithm inspired by Minority Report that predicts the likelihood of crime). Kesha frequently speaks, mentors, and gives workshops on emerging technologies, computer programming, innovation, diversity & inclusion, and entrepreneurship.

Doing Cool Things with Your Internet of Things using Serverless

by LaBrina Loving
Senior Software Engineer

Join the CSS Future with CSS Grid

by Bryan Robinson

Understanding ‘Spoon Theory’ and Preventing Burnout

by Jameson Hampton

Now I See It! — How Data Visualization Can Make Insights Impossible to Ignore

by Kevin Tuskey

Make your applications interactive with Speech Services

by Veronika Kolesnikova

End-to-End Testing for the Modern Web

by Tim Griesser

Developing a Culture of Mentorship

by Tessa Kriesel

All About JWT's

by Stephanie Chamblee

(Fr)agile: How Agile Falls Apart, and What You can do to Hold it All Together

by Sean Killeen

The Two Question Code Quiz: How to Interview Programmers Effectively

by Scott Connerly

Doing Horrible Things With Bash

by Sam King

State of Mobile Development

by Sam Basu

Bluetooth Prototyping with the Raspberry Pi

by Roberto Hernández

Visualizing the Backlog with User Story Mapping

by Phil Japikse

How to steal the Declaration of Independence with AWS Step Functions

by Paul Chin Jr.

14 Tips to Tell Your Story Like a Human

by Paige Worthy

SEO for Sysadmins

by Michael Buckbee

The Code You Entered is Not Valid, Please Try Again

by Marla Schuchman

A Software Engineer's Guide to DevOps

by Laurie Barth

Designing for speech

by Jessica Engström

Become an Accessibility BFF with your new friend Pa11y!

by Jennifer Wadella

What Tamagotchis can teach you about ES6 generators

by Jenn Creighton

Let's get coding in Python!

by Grishma Jena

Demystifying Data Science

by Grishma Jena

Progressive Web Apps 101

by Frances Coronel

My PO is missing the O(wnership) - what now?

by Filip Kozłowski

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Build an Interactive Christmas Tree

by David Bates

Getting Up and Running with your First Serverless Web Application

by Chris Munns

Career Growth Questions You're Afraid to Ask

by Cassandra Faris

Golden Eye vs GoldenAI: How close are we to an AI James Bond?

by Ankur Kalra

The Art of Humanizing Pull Requests (PR’s)

by Ankita Kulkarni

Is This a Button? A Question Your Users Should Never Ask.

by Andrew Malek

Traditionally Serverless

by Amy Negrette
Cloud Software Engineer Lead

Yes, You Should Write That Blog Post

by Ali Spittel

Leadership Journey: From Software Developer to Leader

by Michael Eaton

Kubernetes and or Swarm Container Orchestration? Deploy both and decide.

by Bret Fisher

Code is a User Interface

by Justin Falcone
Programmer and Writer

Build Software Like Pixar Makes Movies

by John Athayde
Designer and Developer. Borderline Unicorn.

Testing 101 for Devs

by Jenna Charlton
Lover of testing and pro wrestling
Progressive Insurance

Beyond the Model - Operationalizing 4,586 Bigfoot Sightings

by Guy Royse
Developer Evangelist

The Beginner's Guide to the Stream Processing Galaxy

by David Makogon
Principal Software Engineer, Azure+Data+Snacks


RevolutionConf is organized and supported by the board members of RevolutionVA, a 501c3 non-profit based in Norfolk, VA. The goal of RevolutionVA is to unite software developers in the mid-Atlantic region through conferences and career and learning opportunities.

Kevin Griffin

Swift Kick

Linda Nichols

Technology Solutions Professional

Alex Proaps

Design Psychologist

Adam Sterett

Senior Mobile Developer
PDI Software

Ken Taylor

Senior Software Developer
Agents National Title Insurance Company

Keith Privette

Portfolio Director


RevolutionConf sponsors are actively committed to supporting the software development community.

Sponsorship options are available to subsidize the cost of everything we try to offer during the conference. This includes food, beverages, speakers travel and expenses, websites, marketing, office supplies, and more.

Without sponsors like you, we would need to triple the price of a RevolutionConf ticket. Our goal is to keep the price of a ticket as low as possible to ensure it is accessible to everyone.


Wyndham Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Rates: $129/night for an Ocean-facing Room

The "RevolutionConf" rate is ONLY available by calling the
hotel directly. Sorry!

5700 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

(757) 428-7025